Calling all coffee lovers ❤️, Love is in the air, and it smells like coffee 😋.

Gâteau Opéra is a French cake, made with layers of almond sponge soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee Italian buttercream, topped with a chocolate glaze. Traditionally made with an almond sponge, I used chocolate instead.
This recipe is lengthy, but not difficult. I made the elements, filmed and assembled this gâteau in 2 hrs.



3 eggs
100g ground almonds
100g icing sugar
20g melted butter
2 Tblsp cocoa powder

3 egg whites
40g sugar
Beat together eggs, ground almonds and icing sugar together until voluminous and pale, whisk in the melted butter and cocoa powder.
Whisk the egg whites and sugar to peaks, gently fold into the batter. Spread into a liner and greased baking tray 45 x 34cm bake for 10min on 200C.
Cool and cut into 3 equal sponges to fit your frame, I used a 22cm x 13cm frame.

Coffee syrup

75g sugar
140g water
3 Tblsp espresso or strong black coffee
Boil together for 2 min, set aside.


170g heated cream
140g 55% dark choc (melted)
20g softened butter
Mix together to for a ganache, refrigerate.

Coffee Italian buttercream

200g softened butter
2 eggs
50ml espresso or strong black coffee
150g sugar
1 Tblsp coffee granules
Beat the butter to smooth, set aside. Beat the eggs on medium speed. Bring the sugar and coffee to boil to 116C, pour into eggs, slowly, while beating on high speed. Continue beating to cool, gradually add the butter and lastly add the coffee granules. Beat and set aside.


200g 55% dark choc (melted)
35g canola oil
Mix together

To assemble
I used a 22cm x 13cm frame- adjustable.
Brush 1 sponge with melted 55% dark choc (40g), freeze. Place the sponge chocolate side down into the frame, brush with coffee syrup. Spread half the coffee cream and top with the second sponge, brush with syrup and pour the ganache over the sponge and spread. Place the last sponge over the ganache and brush with syrup, spread the remaining half of the coffee cream and freeze for 3hrs. Pour the glaze over the cream and refrigerate for 15min.
Slice using a hot knife as desired.