Banoffe Tart

Had a bunch of overripe bananas so I decided to make this Tartremet. A tart base with an Entremet on top. Flavours of chocolate, peanut, caramel and banana. I must admit, I made the crunchy layer a little too thick in my original recipe, which makes it difficult to slice.  I’ve amended the recipe.  You’ll […]

Dulce de Leche

Authentic Dulce de Leche is a combination of milk, sugar, bicarbonate of soda and it’s flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. This sweet treat is popular in South America and can be used in various ways. I’ve posted the easy version in the past, where condense milk is boiled in the tin for 3hrs.  After making […]

Yuzu, Hazelnut with a Hint of Caramel.

Yuzu is one of my favourite flavours, whilst in Japan, we had the pleasure of exploring every Yuzu flavour combination possible. Yuzu has a distinct flavour, it’s almost a melange of lime and grapefruit.  In this entremet, I tried a combination of Yuzu and Hazelnut with a hint of Caramel , using the Pavoni Italia Noisette […]