Pistachio Chocolate Cake

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Unless it’s chocolate- Godiva 8 layers of chocolate & pistachio goodness , I‘ve added strawberries, does that make this cake healthy?  Pistachio Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake 125g 55% dark choc (melted)125ml warm water125g butter (softened)1 cup castor sugar2 eggs1 tsp vanilla essence1/2 cup sour cream2 cup cake […]

Baked Carrot Halwa

It’s not very often that I experiment with Indian cuisine, but when I do, I try to keep it contemporary. Baked carrot halwa, a carrot semolina cake, doused in a saffron, cardamom glaze topped with a vanilla cream.  This could double up as a starter or dessert. Baked Carrot Halwa 2 eggs 1 cup yoghurt […]


Have you even been to Istanbul, if you haven’t sampled Kanafeh! I couldn’t resist, it’s our second day here, I decided to give it a go. I’m no Kanafeh expert, so I turned to Google for answers, it’s all about the cheese it seems, I wanted to have the stringy cheese experience so I went […]

Mango Kulfi

Sweet dreams are made of these, a good Mango Kulfi is just sweet enough to hit the sugar cravings and since it’s made of fruit… I guess that makes it healthy 🤔? Mangoes aren’t in full season here in SA, however you can still find them in the cut fresh fruit section, if you can’t […]

Date Alaska

Baked Alaska turned Date Alaska 😋, Date & Pistachio ice cream set on a pistachio sponge covered with a cloud of meringue . I added Sahlab to the ice cream, this ingredient is often used in Arabic desserts and ice cream. Made from the tubers of the Orchid plant, it adds flavour and improves texture, […]