Eid in Lockdown 2020

This Eid was one for the books, I missed my family dearly, we had social distancing, which meant, no friends.

Still grateful and always looking on the bright side of life, I was determined to make the most of it.

After four flower-free months, I was elated to have these gorgeous blooms.

Sourced from local farms, due to lockdown the selection was limited.

 For the first 6 weeks of lockdown, masses of gorgeous roses, peonies, hydrangeas and other flowers were destroyed or dumped due to the restrictions imposed.  

At level 4, all sectors of agriculture opened up and farmers were allowed to courier their harvest across the country.

The Anemone, Amaranthus and Hydrangea were sourced from farms in the Cape, while the Roses were from a local farm here in Mpumalanga.

Sara Marie, from Lush Florals is my go-to person in Nelspruit, for exquisite floral scapes. We were all out of inspiration this Eid, however I knew I wanted to drape the book shelf in blooms.


When it came to table decor, I used items on hand.  For years I’ve been collecting cake stands, tea cups, plates anything that caught my eye.  I used these for my settings, the Royal Albert tea set I purchased from Adams about 10 years ago and I’ve been adding to it as I travel.  It’s my only tea set that has a 24 place setting.  You’ll notice I use it frequently.


More details…



This Eid I wanted something different, initially I thought of having floral boxes or a floral card, at each place setting, but nothing inspired me.

I decided to go with these laser cut puzzle menus, Elsa suggested we include the floral aspect, this was a great idea as the end result was fabulous. The guests enjoyed the idea of a puzzle menu.

Elsa from 4 keepsakes, in Nelspruit, does all my laser cutting and menus.

I used a tablecloth from my collection (I have many),  the deep colours complete an Autumn day tea party.

The tablecloth is available at Valencia Wholesalers, Nelspruit, contact Rehana.

Sucre Coated, have a wonderful selection of  personalised lollipops. I selected a vibrant floral, Eid Mubarak design and  Siddika added a few complimentary chocolates, which were wonderful served with a cappuccino.

This Eid was different, but it made me count my blessings. Alhamdulillah. 

Stay safe.  Stay home.