Charming Ravello

Ravello is one of the most charming towns, perched up high above the Amalfi Coast in the province of Salerno, Campania.

The town boasts an enchanting panoramic view along Italy’s most stunning coastline. UNESCO-protected Ravello is one of the most authentic towns in the Amalfi area.

There are no train stations in Ravello, the easiest way to get here is by taxi from Naples Airport.

We arrived by train from Milan, the fastest train trip Milano-Naples is 4 hr 30 min.

2 nights in Ravello…

2 nights were not enough, we needed 3.

Use Ravello as a base to explore the towns nearby.

Famous for its classical music concerts, the town itself is calm and less touristy than its neighbour, Amalfi. 

Where to stay…

Ravello is not short of luxury accommodation, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We opted for The Belmond Hotel Caruso, as Belmond Hotel enthusiasts, we appreciate  the elegance and luxury the Belmond group have to offer.

Set on a cliff edge 1,000ft above sea level, Caruso is your private balcony over the Amalfi Coast

Other accommodations in Ravello ;

Palazzo Avino

Villa Cimbrone

Villa Rufolo

Where to eat..

  • Rossellinis at Palazzo Avino
  • Mimi Pizzeria Ravello
  • Belmond Caruso poolside
  • Belvedere Restaurant

What to do…

  • Visit the magnificent gardens at Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo
  • If you’re feeling up to a challenge, take the Sentiero dei Limoni walk (more like a hike if you ask me) where comfy trainers its quite a walk.  walk down from Ravello to Maoiri, have a snack at Sal de Riso and continue to Minori.  for the less adventurous, take a car to Maoiri and then walk to Minori.  The views are unbelievable. P.s. we took a taxi back to Ravello.
  • Take a day trip to Amalfi.
Terrazza dell’Infinito (Terrace of Infinity)at Villa Cimbrone, is lined by a series of marble busts that on clear days sparkle, against the bluesky above and the azure waters of the Mediterranean below
Bets pizza at Belmond Caruso poolside
well deserved lemon granita after 11949 steps
To the mothers, wives and sisters who, for centuries, climbed and crossed the Amalfi Coast bent under the weight of the baskets of lemons they carried on their shoulder
Views from Sentiero Dei Limoni
Worth the walk just for these views

What to buy…


  • Handcrafted ceramics fromCeramiche D’Arte Pascal.
  • Beautiful table linen.
  • Anything lemon flavoured

This medieval village is worth the drive up and is a must-see.