Orange Blossom & Pistachio Nougat

I delved into the world of Artisanal Nougat, attempting Montélimar Nougat, originating the South of France, traditionally composed of almonds, honey and egg whites.

My version, Orange Blossom & honey with pistachios.  Relatively easy to whip together, it’s just the wait for the nougat to set.

Orange Blossom & Honey Nougat

2 egg whites

225g almonds

225g pistachios 

50g cranberries

100g glucose

40ml water

250g honey 

150g castor sugar

1 Tblsp orange blossom water 

Roast the nuts for 20min on 160°C, set aside. In a saucepan bring to a boil, water, sugar, honey & glucose, boil to 140°C. Pour into the whisked egg whites and continue to whisk yolk cool. Add the orange blossom water, mix. Lastly mix in the nuts and cranberries.

Pour into a 16cm entremet square which has been greased and the base lined with rice paper, press the nougat down, using lightly oiled hands. Top with rice paper.

Set aside for 5hrs to set.

Slice as desired